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DMCA Disclaimer

Our Site ( respect the intellectual property of others. You should know that some of the articles, images or videos on this website sometimes take a reference or information derived from a variety of other media sources and Copyrights fully held by the owner of the source.

If you are a holder of Copyright from source, objecting if any articles, images or videos is your Copyright, and do not deign to appear again on this website, for copyright infringement If you believe then immediately notify us via email [] or the message box below so we can follow up immediately.

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  1. Cease and Desist

    I has come to our attention that this website does or may contain multiple images that are the property of the Walt Disney Company and/or its subsidiaries. You are hereby ordered to remove all such images form this website immediately or enter into an agreement to pay royalty for their usage.

    You should immediately contact our agent at the address shown below to negotiate the removal or licencing of these images. Should we not hear from you within 7 business days we will begin action.

    The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries own the intellectual property rights to the characters, brands, titles and properties popularly associated with the Disney name and with Disney’s affiliates. This includes a large number of titles, characters and other elements from Disney’s television programs, feature-length motion pictures, animated productions, publications, games and music.

    Disney takes the enforcement of these rights very seriously. We protect these rights so that we can continue to provide quality entertainment that measures up to the standards that our audience has come to love and expect.

    Notification of right to use our images must be submitted to the following Designated Agent: Service Provider: WDIG

    Name of Agent : Laurence J. Shapiro

    Full Address of Designated Agent to Which Notification Should be Sent: 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521-7725

    Telephone Number of Designated Agent: (818) 623-3200

    Facsimile Number of Designated Agent: (818) 623-3637

    E-Mail Address of Designated Agent:

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